Make Safe Services Melbourne

Make Safe Services Melbourne

We understand that when the unexpected happens it can be hard waiting around for insurance companies to get your property fixed in a timely manner.  We can help make your residential or commercial property in Melbourne safe for you to be in until your insurance company can have it fixed.   We offer emergency services for hail and storm damage to roofs, ceilings and windows as well as assistance when your house or commercial property has been broken into.

Our Emergency Make Safe Repairs include:

  • Roof tarping Make Safes
  • Hail repairs and Hail Make safes
  • Securing water damaged ceilings
  • Repairs to broken windows 
  • Repairs to door locks and windows
  • Break and enter repairs
  • Temporary fence repairs
  • Temporary fence rentals
  • Structural propping Make Safes
  • Fallen tree make safes

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