Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

At Top Gun Handyman Services we understand that building a long lasting, quality retaining wall is incredibly important especially in the ever changing climate in Melbourne. 

We build a number of different types of retaining walls using variations of timber, steel and concrete. A retaining can be built to improve the visual appearance of a property or for protecting it against soil erosion and in many cases adding land size to a sloping block.

Due to Melbourne’s uneven landscape and flat level building blocks becoming harder to source retaining walls are in high demand. The most popular option for retaining walls are walls constructed from sleepers. This is mostly due to sleeper walls being relatively less expensive to build then most other options. Most retaining walls under 1 metre in height will not require a building permit however it is always best to check with your local council.

There are a few key decisions to make when planning to build your retaining wall. The first and most important is what materials you wish to use. With timber sleeper walls you can choose to use hardwood or treated pine sleepers, you can choose different thickness materials and different options for uprights  (posts) e.g. timber, steel or concrete

Our team takes pride in our workmanship and we are always listening to our clients’ every need to ensure we deliver the right solution to best meet their requirements. We cater for both small jobs that may have tight access and also larger projects which may require excavation etc.


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